Most Asked Questions About Garage Door Repairs

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As ubiquitous as they are, for many there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the workings of their garage door. While it may seem like a fairly straightforward piece of machinery, there are quite a few moving parts involved, as well as a fairly vast selection of styles and set-ups, each of which presents its own variables. When it comes to repairing a malfunctioning garage door there are lots of things to know before you are able to diagnose the problem and prescribe the proper solution, without overpaying or making unnecessary repairs. In most cases, the best solution is to hire a garage door repair professional. Here is a brief guide to some frequently asked questions about garage door repair from your friends at Sandia Garage Door Repair in Albuquerque:

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?
There are a number of possible explanations for this issue; it could be broken or loose cables or broken springs, either of which would need to be replaced. Additionally, the culprit could be a misaligned track or a power source interruption, both of which are simple adjustments that can be made quickly by your garage door repair professional.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?
The most common answer to this question is that the sensors have been interrupted, either by losing power or by being blocked by some other object. This is the result of a key safety feature on all garage doors, and is usually an easy fix.

How Much Does the Average Garage Door Repair Cost?
The answer varies greatly depending on the nature of the repair needed. Call us at (505) 796-2681 to speak with our team for FREE estimates for repairs!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Springs?
On average it may cost between $100–$200 to have the springs on your garage door replaced professionally, and most importantly, you get peace of mind—which you can’t put a price on!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door?
In some unfortunate cases, the garage door itself is unsalvageable and needs to be completely replaced. The price of the replacement will vary depending on the size, style, and quality of the door you select, but on average you can expect to pay between $700–$1500 for a new garage door, with some options ranging up to $2000.

We hope this helped to answer some questions you may have had about repairing your garage door. If you would like further information, please give Sandia Garage Door Repair a call at (505) 796-2681. We proudly serve Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas! Contact us today for your FREE estimate!