Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

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Garage doors provide an extra layer of security while also adding to the overall appeal of our homes. While we use our garage doors daily, we may not take the time to check if it’s operating properly or put off repairs until it’s too late. Garage door issues are a headache and can be stressful when they seemingly come out of nowhere—but you can catch them before they happen! So how do you know when your garage door is in need of repairs? We’ll discuss the signs that appear when your garage door needs some TLC, and how you can scope out issues before they get out of hand.

Your Garage Door Stalls or Shakes
When you open your garage door you expect it to respond in a timely manner, however this isn’t always the case with a garage door that’s signaling for repair. When your garage door seems to stall when you try to open or close it, or if it seems to be slower than usual, it’s time to contact a professional. The same is true of a shaky garage door. While a little jiggling is natural, an excessive amount of movement is cause for concern—especially if you’re finding loose screws and bolts in the process.

Your Garage Door Won’t Close Completely
You rely on your garage to keep your vehicle and home safe, so when you close it and it won’t seal all the way, it can be concerning. While this simply can be caused by something blocking the garage door, most often this is cause for concern as there can be a myriad of issues keeping your garage door from closing. Faulty sensors, misalignment, broken or damaged parts—it’s not easy to diagnose on your own, and is hazardous to DIY. Your best bet is to rely on those who have the experience necessary to repair your garage door with ease.

Your Garage Door Has Broken Parts and Pieces
There are many moving parts in a garage door, and many of them are small. However, these small parts are vital to the overall “health” of your garage door, and if damaged, can seriously affect the efficiency of your garage door. One of these pieces are the torsion or extension springs which lift your garage door. If you notice your garage door is not opening or seems to be having issues, call the experts to help!

Your Garage Door Is Off Track
If your garage door has come off its tracks, it’s extremely important to call garage door experts ASAP, as a garage door misalignment can cause injury should it suddenly become dislodged from the frame.

These four signs will let you know when it’s time to get your garage door looked at by experienced garage door repair specialists—so don’t wait and give Sandia Garage Door Repair of Albuquerque & Santa Fe a call today at (505) 796-2681! Our knowledgeable team will diagnose your garage door issues and safely repair them so you can get back on track! We offer 24/7 services so you know you can have access to service when you need it most. Trust the experienced professionals at Sandia Garage Door Repair, and call us to get your FREE estimate today!