Summer Maintenance for Your Albuquerque Garage Door

Suburban Garage

There’s nothing quite like a New Mexico summer, as the sun begins to set later and the nights stay warm. While you may want to spend all waking hours at the pool, not worrying about chores or other daily responsibilities, summer is also the ideal time to tackle summertime maintenance on your garage door in Albuquerque. 

Shaky, Noisy Garage Doors 

A shaky, noisy garage door is one telltale sign of a garage door in need of repair. Noisy garage doors aren’t only annoying, they could become a potential hazard if not attended to. A shaky garage door could mean a variety of issues such as old or damaged rollers, rusted or debris-ridden tracks, or old and worn motors and openers. Each of these issues requires an expert to handle, as it can be dangerous to DIY repairs on a garage door, not only risking your safety but can also cause costly damage. 

Old Garage Door Hardware 

Another potential issue that can be fixed with garage door maintenance is when you have old or worn garage door hardware. While you may not think of replacing your garage door hardware until it’s failing, it can be useful to tackle it before it becomes an issue. Old hardware can become rusted, loose, or break over time, resulting in a garage door that won’t open, close, or repeatedly gets stuck, preventing you from using your garage door as intended. 

Replacing Your Garage Door 

If your garage door is past its expiration date, it might be better to call the experts in garage door repair to replace your garage altogether. While it may seem costly upfront, garage door installation will save you in the long run. Replacing your garage door can be ideal in summer as you won’t have to worry about cold air getting into your home during the replacement process. Sandia Garage Door Repair can help you pick and install a new garage door that not only fits your home but your needs as well. 

Sandia Garage Door Repair is available 24/7 for summer maintenance, repairs, and installation for your Albuquerque garage door. Get your garage door back on track with maintenance and installation by the experts in the industry. We also offer a military and senior discount to our customers to help with their garage door maintenance costs. There’s no better time to take care of your garage door than the summer, so don’t wait, reach out to us today for your free estimate and get back to lounging at the pool!